I bought my first metre of liberty lawn whilst on a school trip to London in the mid-eighties and it seemed like a very extravagant purchase. Today, when placing my much larger orders with Liberty it still feels like amazing treat.

Liberty began manufacturing Tana lawn in the 1920’s, taking its name from Lake Tana in Ethiopia where the raw cotton was grown. Liberty Tana Lawn is 100% cotton. It has a very fine thread count which gives it a luxuriously light, silky feel and although very fine it is extremely durable.

It is perfect for summer clothing and can be layered up with knitwear for winter.
I like to use a mixture of the seasonal prints that Liberty produces twice a year and the famous archive prints that have iconic status, influenced and designed by key figures of the Arts and Craft movement.

Choose Your Print...

Tinker & Belle designs can be made-up in your choice of Liberty print. Although I mostly work with my own selection of prints, I am very happy to consider a special request for a customer's own favourite Liberty pattern.


Click on the prints below to take a closer look at our current selection:

  • Yellow Ibiza Berries
  • Red Ibiza Berries
  • Pink Phoebe

  • Pale Blue Betsy
  • Dark Blue Betsy
  • Red Phoebe
  • Aqua Betsy
  • Yellow Betsy
  • Coral Phoebe
  • Wiltshire
  • Green Ricardos Bloom
  • Rosalind
  • Dark Blue Phoebe
  • Blue D'Anjo
  • Tom
  • Marigold D'Anjo
  • Pink D'Anjo
  • Samols
  • Pink Favourite Flowers
  • Red Favourite Flowers
  • Green Favourite Flowers
  • Tatum
  • Eloise
  • Elysian
  • Pastel Queue For The Zoo
  • Grey High Tea
  • Blue Queue For The Zoo
  • Pink Elizas
  • Blue Elizas
  • Rose Elizas
  • Blue Mabelle
  • Dusty Pink Elizas
  • Pink Mabelle
  • Blue Michelle
  • Meadow
  • Blue Pelagia
  • Blue Emma & Georgina
  • Red Emma & Georgina
  • Grey Betsy Ann
  • White Wild Flowers
  • Strawberry Thief
  • White Heidi Meadow
  • Blue Chive